Magic and Yinka

Yinka Dare was the OG highlight mixer 20 years even before YouTube existed. I discovered him when I was college. Video editing software has changed so much since then. It feels like I’m watching black and white footage.

More Magic Johnson

(31pts/8rebs/17asts) vs. Spurs (1983 Playoffs) I am just now recognizing how good this guy was in his prime. Don’t get me wrong, I believe that Michael Jordan is GOAT but I can understand why people considered Magic that before MJ ascended into his prime. Plus, it’s my blog. I post what I want.

Magic vs MJ

I’m really starting like this guy Magic. I didn’t realize how good and transcendent of a basketball player he was. I still think that Michael Jordan is the GOAT until someone dethrones him. This clip is from the 1988 – ’89 season where Magic and the Lakers were the defending champs and MJ was coming… Continue reading Magic vs MJ