Bloganuary – Prompt No. 30

What would you title the chapters of your autobiography?

All this month’s prompts have been pretty good so far.  Today’s is pretty challenging.

  • Chapter 1 – “The Essence” (My origins and the conditions in which I grew up especially with 2 different households.)
  • Chapter 2 – “Friends to the End” (This is where I learn that friends will always come and go.  Some are meant to be there for a brief moment in your life and others are lifelong.  This chapter will cover my years from 6th Grade through college.)
  • Chapter 3 – “The Odyssey – From Failure to Renaissance” ( My post-college wandering while working in the family business up, going to grad school for a year, working in corporate America, et al.)

That looks like a great start!  But those will probably be broken into subchapters.  More to come!



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