MJ’s Kicks with the Wizards

Today while doing some research I found out that Michael Jordan (who believe is the GOAT of profesional basketball) played his last NBA game with the Washington Wizards. No, it wasn’t with the Chicago Bulls. As a matter of fact, that team didn’t even make the playoffs.

He was playing professional basketball at the highest level at ages 38-40 while averaging more than 20 ppg. That is nothing short of impressive. This all the more adds to his legacy.

But I wanted to focus on his shoes. He is the model of the ultimate performance and casual sneaker collection nowadays. (Even several years after his tenure with the Bulls. The Air Jordan 17 and 18 were some dope models. They may not be as hot compared to the earlier models (e.g., 6s and 7s) but they deserve some recognition.

Here’s a link to a Sole Collector listicle that investigates MJ’s choice of sneakers during his time with the Wizards. Take a read.


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