Voting Motivation

Many believers are tempted to be discouraged by the things they see wrong with the political system. But that is never a reason not to vote. No matter where you live, voting is putting feet to your faith. Voting brings to life your faith by taking the action real faith demands.

Yes, we should pray. And vote. We can never underestimate the importance of elections. They establish the spiritual climate of a nation’s government. There are spiritual battles that rage over political positions. Satan is always trying to tell people that their vote won’t matter, that their one vote won’t make a difference. But that is a lie from the devil himself. Don’t listen to his deceptions.

From Day 306 of the Pursuit of His Presence Devotional

Sometimes I get discouraged by what’s going on in Washington and Albany. Things like these devotionals keep me encouraged and give me hope (or a positive imagination) for the United States.


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