Nene’s Taqueria – Food Review

Lately, my friends have been sending me posts on Instagram of various people doing food reviews at food shops and restaurants. One of these places that caught my eye was one of Nene’s Taqueria in Brooklyn. IAM and I took a trip there last night.

We got there around 8 p.m. The place was packed with customers waiting for their orders and those consuming their selections. Also, since it was early spring, the weather was nice but wasn’t warm enough to dine outside.

Nene’s is known for their variety of birria dishes. We decided to get the birria pizza and ramen. They were able to translate the typical birria cuisine and flavor into an unorthodox presentation like the “pizza” which really is a big quesadilla, and into a noodle soup with a rich broth.

On a scale of “1” to “5”, with whole integers and “3” out of the question, I would give Nene’s Taqueria a 4. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the next one.


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