Intro to Bloganuary – Prompt No. 1 has this challenge to help get blogs started with generating content in the new year.  It is called “Bloganuary” and it seems pretty decent.  Every day during the month of January, they give a prompt.  Then it’s up to the blogmaster (or author, etc.) to answer.  This will be a good challenge for me. I need to work on my writing chops, so here we go.

What is something you want to achieve this year?

I have a lot of answers for this question but I’ll pick one.  At the moment I am enrolled in a full stack web development course.   I have been in this course for more than a year.  I have taken a liking to learning different coding languages, especially Javascript. But for one reason or the other, I haven’t had the wherewithal to finish it.  Currently I am 40% done with the course.

This is something that I want to add to my talent stack. I think it’s a valuable resource and I’m believing that 2023 will be the year for it.

Thanks for reading.


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