Bloganuary – Prompt No. 2

How are you brave?

This is a challenge for me because I have to refrain from comparing myself with other people because it isn’t wise.   It’s so tempting to look on others and their accomplishments and think that either I haven’t done enough to measure up, or I have done so much more to measure down.

Being brave is to not have any fear and to follow the direction that God leads you.  It is taking that step of faith where the outcome does not look promising at all.

Here’s one example of personal bravery:  A couple of years I felt that it was necessary to join a local political club and get around individuals who had a love for this country (USA!) like mine or greater.  You can read more of my story here.  I’ve lost some friends and some of family questioned my political leanings but I have been at peace about my decision.


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