Staying Lean

Attempting to Stay Lean

Today I was asked how I manage to stay lean and lose weight.  I am very honored to be asked this.  This was my answer:

  • Ask God for wisdom.  The process to lose weight is going to require a change in your current diet, exercise, and overall, your lifestyle.  All those changing pieces are dynamic because a change in lifestyle is going to affect those other factors mentioned before.  Some divine guidance would help tremendously.
  • Start working out and be consistent with the workout.  I have an athletic workout program that I follow that consists of supersets and is HIIT-focused.  It has a lot of variety and targets different parts of the body on different days.
  • Get into a caloric deficit and eat more protein.  The workout that you’re doing should be strenuous to get your body burning calories.  The diet should be sufficient enough to satisfy your body’s need for nutrition.

That’s it.  If there’s more or something that I missed, don’t hesitate to comment.


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