The Daily Prompt – No. 165

What are your morning rituals? What does the first hour of your day look like?

I’ve been playing with the morning ritual to optimize my time recently. This is the latest version of the routine, but these things are subject to change.

Whenever I wake up, I just say little prayer and say “Good morning” and give thanks to the Lord. I hit the bathroom right after to use it then do my daily weigh-in. Once done, I grab a liter of water and down it before start to do my Bible reading.

While reading, I’ll pray, meditate, and write in my journal. Whatever is on my mind I try to flush it out through the writing. Post-writing, I’ll hit the bathroom to flush out that liter of water that I had earlier. Finally I’m ready to hit the gym and get my workout on.

That’s a brief recap of my typical first hour. I don’t always follow this to a “T”. I do deviate a bit but I try to adhere to it so that I can get a good start to my day.


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