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  • The Daily Prompt – No. 117

    Are you more of a night or morning person? I’m both and this is the reason why I need to work on my sleep habits. More to come.

  • The Daily Prompt – No. 116

    What are your two favorite things to wear? Two favorite things to wear are my Harley Davidson t-shirts (shout out to Will). And sweatpants (I don’t have a favorite pair). They’re just comfortable for being in the house or outside.

  • The Daily Prompt – No. 115

    Do you or your family make any special dishes for the holidays? We don’t necessarily cook a special dish. However, we go out to eat and have dinner with each other. These dinners have become a family tradition. I wish that I had been able appreciate them earlier in life.

  • The Daily Prompt – No. 114

    Name your top three pet peeves. These are in no particular order: If you’re reading this, what are yours?

  • The Daily Prompt – No. 113

    What are your favorite animals? I’m a big fan of the nature-is-brutal genre of video. It’s hard for me to pinpoint a favorite with that in mind. I am fascinated by the way animals attack each other for food. But, I will narrow it down. I like dogs. They’re very entertaining animals. I tend to…

  • The Daily Prompt – No. 112

    What’s your favorite month of the year? Why? Hmmm… let’s go with June (or the end of May). That’s the end of spring and the beginning of summer. There’s so much warmth, so many outdoor activities. It’s really fun anticipating the potential of the upcoming summer. It truly is the best time.

  • The Daily Prompt – No. 111

    What book are you reading right now? I’m currently reading God’s Maximum: Experience the Highest Levels Attainable by Jerry Savelle. It’s my current spiritual read. This book is helping get my mindset to where God needs me to be. If you want to get there, I suggest putting this in your queue.

  • The Daily Prompt – No. 110

    Name the most expensive personal item you’ve ever purchased (not your home or car). The most expensive item that I’ve purchased was my MacBook Air in 2020. That was quite a bit of change for me. But it’s been useful to me since I’ve gotten it. I’m very thankful for that device.

  • The Daily Prompt – No. 109

    What podcasts are you listening to? I listen to a lot of sermons and teachers. On my plate are: These are in the rotation. I don’t get to watch each episode everyday but these are chock full of information.

  • The Daily Prompt – No. 108

    Do you need time? I have time. I need to be more efficient with the time that I have already. It sucks to look back on to see how I could have made better decisions to use my time wisely. Also, this prompt has provided some pretty interesting answers by other people.