The Daily Prompt – No. 87

What daily habit do you do that improves your quality of life? Exercise and working out in the morning. It gives me a sense of accomplishment. And I can listen to my podcasts while doing so. The process jump starts my day.

The Daily Prompt – No. 86

Where did your name come from? There are two reasons for my name. My mom named me for a book of the Bible; my dad gave me the name for the saint of hopeless causes. Also, the name is Hebrew and means “blessed”.

The Daily Prompt – No. 84

What do you enjoy most about writing? I always thought of myself as a terrible writer. I always sought opportunities to evade writing. But as I’m get older, I find that writing helps me to unwind my thoughts. It gives me some mental clarity. Also it helps me practice my vocabulary, grammar and tone.

The Daily Prompt – No. 79

What profession do you admire most and why? I have respect for law enforcement. The people who are beholden to an oath (to honor the Constitution) and put their lives on the lines. This can be expanded not just police officers but to also first responders. They deserve the credit and honor as well.