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  • The Daily Prompt – No. 98

    What brands do you associate with? I’m a Nike guy but I can get down with other brands. This was a filler post.

  • The Daily Prompt – No. 97

    What was the last thing you searched for online? Why were you looking for it?   The last thing I searched was a picture of Scottie Pippen.  I wanted to honor his birthday, which was yesterday.

  • The Daily Prompt – No. 96

    What things give you energy? Energetic people give me energy. I like to feed off it. Don’t get me wrong, I have to supply that energy too with the help of the Holy Spirit. But it becomes amplified when I am with someone who knows how to have fun and/or has a passion about something…

  • The Daily Prompt – No. 95

    How do you celebrate holidays? Usually my family and I will go out and have dinner at a local restaurant. I treasure those times because they are the most memorable. I wish that I was able to enjoy these moments with my mom. Unfortunately that won’t happen on this side of heaven. But I do…

  • The Daily Prompt – No. 94

    Write about your most epic baking or cooking fail. There was that one time I was 10 and cooking Hamburger Helper for my mom and sister. I was boiling noodles in water. In the midst of transferring the pot of water from the stove to the sink to drain the noodles, the pot slipped out…

  • The Daily Prompt – No 93

    Share a lesson you wish you had learned earlier in life. Start earlier and don’t worry about failure. Always go for the best and think it!

  • The Daily Prompt – No. 92

    What’s your favorite word? I don’t really have a favorite word at the moment. When I was young, however, my favorite word was “poop” or “passing gas”. I thought that it was so funny. My sister and I would make fart sounds. It was glorious. Now that I have become more mature my vocabulary has…

  • The Daily Prompt – No. 91

    What personality trait in people raises a red flag with you? There’s so much I could write on this topic but I will write disloyalty. . If you’re willing to be disloyal and backstab another person in front of me, what will you say or do against me when I’m not in your presence?

  • The Daily Prompt – No. 90

    Name the professional athletes you respect the most and why. My favorite athlete is Michael Jordan. I was born and raised in New York. My favorite basketball team is the New York Knicks. However, I can’t deny MJ’s greatness. Even after his playing career ended, he went on the become a billionaire and an owner…

  • The Daily Prompt – No. 89

    Why do you blog? I blog mainly for enjoyment, and also to practice my writing. This is my first foray into having a blog on my own domain. (This site is also a backup in case my social media accounts get nuked unnecessarily by the regime.) Stay tuned for more.