The Daily Prompt – No. 8

Is there anything you feel too old to do anymore? Try out for the NBA. I should have started by trying out for more organized basketball leagues when I was younger. By now I would have had bl better handles like Magic Johnson.

The Daily Prompt – No. 5

The most important invention in your lifetime is… I would’ve used an old cliche and said “sliced bread”. But nowadays there’s artificial intelligence (AI) especially with the advent of ChatGPT. ChatGPT is making AI accesible to the general population. I’ve seen a couple of my friends utilize it with great results. One friend of mine… Continue reading The Daily Prompt – No. 5

The Daily Prompt – No. 4

How does death change your perspective? Well, i won’t get too spiritually deep, although, it has an impact on my worldview. I’ll say this to be brief, it makes realize that time is not to be wasted. Procrastination is the enemy. Therefore I have to be intentional with my time because there’s not much of… Continue reading The Daily Prompt – No. 4