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I’m a Sponsored Athlete!

(First off let me say that I have a promocode now! Use JSOMEFUN at EPN Supplements to get 10% off your online order.)

This has been primarily a blog that showcases a particular image that has captured my attention. I tend to take a lot of pics with my phone. And this has not paid off for me… yet.  I’ll get there, soon enough.

However, one of my hobbies or passions is working out. I’m very thankful to God that I’m still active and in relatively good shape.  On my Instagram account, I post a story (or occasionally an actual post) of me or my buddies working out. I’ve been consistently doing this for about 5+ years. I also post images from Tough Mudders .(I’ve done eight so far) or from my basketball games (frequent player), or athletic event.

That hobby (or passion) has paid off. I recently became a sponsored athlete by EPN Supplements. It’s become a great opportunity and, again, I thank God and EPN for it.  EPN is an up and coming premium supplement brand that has really good products.  (Currently I’m trying the Immuno Greens.  I like what I’m consuming especially since I don’t consistently get enough fruits and veggies in my diet). 

I’m believing that this will be the first of many endorsements and opportunities.  The best is yet to come.

(Promocode:  JSOMEFUN for 10% off your online order! Check it out!)



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