MJ Mondays – No. 48

Michael Jordan : The Greatest Off-Hand Finisher Ever Courtesy of Ball is Life/Youtube

More Michael Jordan appreciation. Lately there was a trend NBA social media to dismiss everything in the previous generations because they weren’t as athletic or smooth with their game. I honestly believe it’s a part of cultural Marxism to make light of the past; undervalue it so it’s worth being forgotten. Then once that is complete, one can point to the present as unprecedented and record-breaking.

However, one cannot dismiss Michael Jordan’s prominence during his career in the NBA. There were too many exploits to diminish. His peers acknowledged the ferocity and competitiveness of his teams. LeBron James, who I currently consider one of the best players in the game (even at 39 at the time of this writing) looked up to Michael Jordan as his model while he was growing up.

The latest trope is to claim that Jordan was a very one-dimensional player who was just a skilled player of his time instead of a transcendent athlete. This is the motivation behind the claim that Jordan could only finish with his right hand.

The video convincingly dispels that notion. I hope that you enjoy.


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